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Founded in 1973, an established vendor dealing in diesel vehicle fuel system parts, Özbek Motorlu Araçlar has been the Turkish distributor of DENSO for more than 35 years.


Our main purpose being to meet the demands in the shortest possible time, we define our sole philosophy as customer satisfaction.


With our wide selection of products, expert personnel and widespread service network, Özbek Motorlu Araçlar is ready to assist our esteemed clients.


Being one of the leading companies of Turkish diesel industry for more than 45 years, Ozbek Motorlu Araçlar was able to meticulously create an authorized service network in the process


There are 20 services that spread throughout Turkey with a certificate from Özbek Motorlu Araçlar. For more information about the services please use “Service Network” menu

Contact us


+90 212 313 50 85


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